Directional Drilling is a technique which can be used for the installation of pipelines and ducts of varying diameters over short or long distances. Advances in drilling rig design and steering techniques have made this method of construction extremely flexible, in terms of diameter and length.

Terra Solutions Limited was one of the pioneers of horizontal directional drilling in the UK & Ireland. We pride ourselves in having the experience and technical expertise to complete the most unique and challenging projects in the country. We approach each project with in-depth analysis and project planning which allows for the successful completion of pipeline installations.

We have the capability to perform directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country areas, major river crossings, roadways, railroads, and remote locations. We have experience in all types of soils, including solid rock and fractured formations.

We also specialise in the use of horizontal directional drilling for Long Sea Outfall (LSO) installations. These types of trenchless works start from the landward side drilling to a sea location using gyroscopic steering equipment. Biodegradable drilling fluids are used to minimise environmental impact.

Terra Solutions have many years’ experience of the ownership and operation of directional drilling equipment.

The very latest drilling muds are available through sister company Drilling Supplies Ireland Ltd. This integrated approach is an essential factor in the success of our Directional Drilling contracts.