Box Jacking

Box Jacking is a trenchless method of construction that enables an underground space to be created in shallow depth and that avoids disruption, such as settlement, of important infrastructure and minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment. Box Jacking is used mainly in urban environments to place various types of structures underground, from box jacking culverts, bridges to railway underpasses. The shape and size of these varies each time, making the design stage crucial.

Box jacking or “Jacked Box Tunnelling,” as it is sometimes called, can be achieved through various specialist techniques ranging from canopies, pipe arches to anti drag systems. The technique chosen for each specific project depends on various factors which can include: a thorough Site Investigation and the infrastructure/community status at the surface. We investigate and design with the utmost precision before work commences.

Terra Solutions Ltd. offers a range of solutions to your box jacking structure  requirements. From feasibility, design to construction; Terra Solutions can call upon a range of expert personnel who have installed various type of box jacks using pipe arches, canopy systems to anti-drag techniques.

Terra Solutions understands the particular risk and hazards that are involved in box tunnelling. Terra Solutions can assist  in developing a box jacked solution for your trenchless requirements from our experienced gained throughout Europe.

We can assist you with every step of the project, from in ception to completion. Design, risk assessment, implementation and drilling/sinking, our years in the industry have made us proficient in each. Contact us today to begin a consultation with us.

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