CIPP relining

Terra Solutions has been involved in the rehabilitation of pipes for over 20 years and is a pioneer in the field of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) relining, using the latest UV-cure technology. We reline sewer and drainage pipes ranging from 150 mm up to 1600 mm in diameter, in various shapes and dimensions, from square culverts to ovoid pipelines.

Sewer pipe rehabilitation technology has advanced dramatically and the latest fast cure CIPP methods used by Terra Solutions ensures minimum disruption compared to the old style techniques that require water or hot cure pipe lining techniques. Our CIPP pipe lining systems also offer structural stability to old pipes and prevents corrosion from effluent. Relining sewer rehabilitation technology is an ever popular, and proven, trenchless method of extending the life span of sewer pipes that are costly to replace.

Other Information

Terra Solutions Limited was the first Company in the UK & Ireland to employ UV Cure Relining techniques to renovate gravity pipelines, culverts and pressure pipelines used for utility services such as water, sewage and gas as well as other industrial effluent pipelines.

UV Cure pipe relining is characterised by extremely fast curing times, site flexibility, and total quality management of a seamless product.

We offer the latest generation of CIPP liners suitable for circular, egg-shaped, pipe-arch, rectangular, and special profile sewers, rising mains, or other pipelines.

Highly durable vinyl ester liners are used for industrial wastewater offering resistance up to 100o C and chemical protection with good mechanical properties

CIPP relining Gallery

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