Pipeline,Tunnel & Sewer Rehabilitation

Often vital infrastructures lifetime can be expensive to replace with a like for like, therefore one of the best options for maintenance and management programmes is to rehabilitate the underground pipeline using trenchless rehabilitation methods. Terra Solutions has a range of techniques it can use to rehabilitate existing pipeline in various environments, from strengthening existing distressed or corroded sections to relining entire pipelines. Terra Solutions can assess your pipeline and recommend a way of extending its life line.

Various options are available from relining, traditional ribs and lagging, concrete sprayed repair. Also there are Specialist leak and joint sealing and in pipe replacement are some that have been used in the past. Often it is depending on the driving factor for the rehabilitation be it structural defencies identified in a recent survey or the transportation of a new more corrosive substance in the pipeline to a more simple rehabilitation for leaks. Terra solutions can assist in sewer and industrial trenchless

Rehabilitation can be used for pipelines that are corroding or aging and in order to maintain the existing flow properties or even to correct hydraulic anomalies. Terra Solution can offer in place rehabilitation of the pipework.

Structural repair

Terra Solutions Ltd offer a partial and complete structural repair to your pipeline problem. Tunnel & sewer rehabilitation is executed using various strengthening options; larger diameters may require grouting followed by structural concrete placement. Others maybe need patch repairs or if in eminent danger of collapse can be restored permanently with sprayed concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement. The extremely high compressive strength provided by sprayed concrete offers the solution to structural requirements often needed in badly deteriorated sewers. Terra Solutions offers a complete package for Tunnel Renovation, concrete lining and large diameter sewer repair.

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