Tunnelling labour supply

A multi-skilled workforce is essential to employers. However, demonstration of those skills before employment commences is often only possible by a suitable certification system.  Terra Solutions Ltd uses the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS ) card schemes to prove employees competence and health and safety awareness.  Terra Solutions Ltd also participates in the education of construction workers.

Our experience with all types of trenchless construction gives our employees at all levels a broad depth of knowledge.  Therefore our employees are more productive, being able to apply their knowledge in a wide range of situations.  Operatives with such diverse skills as slinger/signalman, TBM operator, tracked and wheeled excavator operation, soil separation plant operation, directional drilling operator and ancillary labour, tunnel miner, shaft sinker, microtunneller and tunnel back-up operatives are all available and suitably trained and experienced. Terra Solutions can supply labour for any trenchless project.

Labour Supply

Labour Supply from Terra Solutions Ltd. is focused on Health & Safety and executing the work requirements with minimal risk, whether its operating in learning mode, building shafts or operating guided auger boring rigs. Terra Solutions has the labour required for your trenchless project.

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