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Terra Solutions Limited is a specialist trenchless civil engineering contractor with a history spanning over 35 years in the industry.

Who are we?

Terra Solutions is a specialist trenchless civil engineering contractor with a passion for no-dig techniques utilising market leading technology.

We have been involved in some of the most challenging trenchless civil engineering work in the UK and Ireland and have worked across a wide range of complex industries and sectors including Water & Sewerage, Oil & Gas, Airports, Road, Marine and Rail.

We have extensive experience of major infrastructure crossings, flood alleviation schemes, culvert rehabilitation, sewer relining, asset condition surveys/reporting, Under Track Crossings (UTX), specialist trenchless pipe connection, sea outfall and other underground construction, Terra Solutions have the equipment and the experience to successfully install or renovate your infrastructure.

We carry out a diverse range of trenchless techniques utilising our extensive fleet of specialist trenchless equipment, with the ‘know how’ to apply them successfully.

We have a proven track record acknowledged by industry peers, Terra Solutions are back-to-back award winners in the Wastewater Renovation category by the UKSTT for the Liffey Siphons & Thanet Sewers Schemes, also received a commendation for the Pipe Rehabilitation CiPP awards (UKSTT) for our innovative design approach to rehabilitation of corrugated host pipes.

Terra Solutions – Our Innovation, Your Edge

Why Choose Us

Terra Solutions are at the forefront of the no-dig industry offering the most advanced technology and also traditional methods to ensure the most appropriate solution is adopted for each project.

We offer full turnkey packages including design services, a contractor led design approach ensures constructability and efficiency from inception.

We are a multifaceted company working through several market sectors which provides well rounded knowledge and a skillset that guarantees success.

Areas of Expertise

Sewer Condition Surveys

Understanding the condition of your asset is the first step to selecting the right approach to remediation or replacement. Our wincan software produces fully coded reporting and footage to inform the decision-making process.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Renovation of existing infrastructure can be a cost-effective way to extend the operational life of existing assets. We offer a range of options to bring defective infrastructure back to its former glory.

Trench-less Installations

Selecting to install new infrastructure via trenchless installation is the least disruptive option when compared to standard open cut techniques. This approach has cost & environmental benefits which can drive efficiency through a project contributing to success.

What We Do?



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