Terra Solutions have a wide variety of services to cover any engineering situation.

Trenchless Installations

Terra Solutions offer a range of trenchless installation techniques which make us one of the most adaptable contractors in our industry. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach as each project will have its own challenges be it ground conditions, design criteria, budget, programme – we offer an extensive selection of options which will ensure our clients are getting the optimum solution.

Microtunnelling & pipejacking techniques have the ability to be set up for the entire spectrum of potential ground conditions including rock, mixed strata, soft ground or tunnelling beneath the water table. Our abilities start from 450mm⌀ up to 2400mm⌀, tunnelling at diameters greater than this is also possible – we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Augerboring is suitable for trenchless installations of pipework through displaceable ground, it is operated with a guidance system which provides the ability to control line and level. This technique can be used to install a clay, concrete or steel pipe, and is often a more economical option when compared to other solutions.

Timber headings are a more traditional method of tunnelling that can be used when a more hands on approach is required, they are a versatile option and particularly popular for completing blind connections negating the requirement for a reception shaft.

We have extensive experience of segmental and caisson shaft construction, these are often installed as launch & reception structures to facilitate tunnelling but can also be adopted as permanent chambers for manholes or larger storage tanks & pump stations. We have specialist equipment to complete these using both the underpinning & jacked down techniques. Our fleet of tunnelling/shaft plant & equipment is available to hire, we also provide specialist labour.

As part of our turnkey offering we can undertake all design and general civils work to support our trenchless/shaft offering, providing all project requirements from conception to completion.

Trenchless Services include:






Segmental Shafts & Caissons