Shaft Sinking

Terra Solutions have the ability to sink shafts in various challenging ground conditions, whether it’s hydraulically jacking a segmental shaft vertically downwards in cohesive ground, whilst balancing the ground pressure, or underpinning in rock.

Terra Solutions own and operate a huge range of equipment for this purpose. Specialist jacks, control panels, grouting systems, cranes, shaft access & protection equipment are all ‘in-house’ equipment used for the construction of shafts for pumping stations, ventilation, access lifts, safety exits on London Underground or simple underground storage facilities or a simple storage company.

Shafts in various sizes and locations have been successfully constructed in many places from small residential streets in Central London to live Gas Storage sites in the North

Terra Solutions can construct caisson and cofferdam[sheets & frames] shafts needed for your project.

Our service can include for design of collars and bases as well as calculations demonstrating anti floatation and stability. We have experience constructing shafts from 1.8m to 30m in diameter and to depths of 3m to 35m.

Shaft Sinking Gallery